New AmpLIFEi Duo Pack 2 Biome iX and 1 Large HapiTides Save

New Gut Health Duo Pack –

Includes 2 Biome iX™ ADK, and a Large 90 Servings HapiTides™!

Gut Health Duo Pack Biome iX HapiTides

The next great movement in gut health is POSTBIOTIC. Pre and pro biotic is yesterday’s news. Today it’s about postbiotics, the next generation of microbiome health*.

HIGHLIGHTS of HapiTides by Dr. Michael Epitropoulos
Over 20 years of thousands of Scientific studies, University trials and field research have concluded the use of Nucleotide Supplementation provides the following benefits:
1. Increased resistance to bacterial and viral infections
2. Acceleration of antibody production
3. Increase in the number of neutrophils
4. Increase in the number of macrophages
5. Reversal of malnutrition and starvation-induced immunosuppression
6. Increase in natural killer cell (NK) activity and interleukin-2 production
7. Modulation of T-cell responses toward type 1 CD4 helper lymphocytes and TH1 cells
8. Increase in plasma HDL cholesterol
9. Decrease in concentration of LDL cholesterol
10. Accelerated recovery from injury and improved endurance and athletic performance
11. Reduction in inflammatory markers
12. Improvement of Gut Health by:
a.) Converting bad bacteria to good bacteria thus increasing number of both prebiotic and probiotic bacteria

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Hapinss Gut Health Triad Bundle Amped Coffee and HapiCaps Review

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The next great movement in gut health is POSTBIOTIC. Pre and pro biotic is yesterday’s news. Today it’s about postbiotics, the next generation of microbiome health.

Health, Wellness & Happiness Lives In The Gut

  • 95% of your serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced and lives in your microbiome.
  • Stress, diet and any number of external elements are effecting your health and wellness.
  • Your gut health is a direct result of the elements, which in turn affects your state of well-being. Poor gut health can lead to headaches, bloating, brain fog, and inflammation.
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome is real and impacts millions of people. When you have a leaky gut, the toxins and bad bacteria are literally leaking into your bloodstream, leading to poor overall health and well-being. In many cases, leaky gut may have been going on for years or even decades on the inside of one’s GI tract.
  • The good news is, you can potentially start healing from the inside out.

Check out this one woman’s results with the Triad Gut Health bundle and we have many other results like this.

These are my results after using the Triad Gut Health bundle for 1 week. My HapiTides haven’t arrived yet so I’ve been taking 1 capsule of the Biome iX in the morning with breakfast and evening with dinner. I also take 1 HapiCaps around noon every day. The extra energy this has given me is off the charts. They have also helped to cut my appetite so I am not overeating. I haven’t started working out yet but intend on it soon. I have tried to cut some carbs and sugar from my diet this week as well. I’m so thankful to have found these products.

Crystal Eanes Mosier

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