Forsage Ethereum ETH Smart Contract Home Business Video

If you’re looking to start a business working from home we invite you to look at Forsage and the any benefits available working with our team. Watch the video below, however, here are just a few of them.

We are top recruiters and have been top industry professionals for over 25 years now.

I myself have been the top recruiter in 4 different companies. You stand to benefit from the leads we can obtain for you and also help you obtain.

Plus you get paid commission within minutes typically after you make a sale – not 30 – 45 days later.

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Tradera Forex Trading Back Office Info

I have some information posted about the Tradera Forex Trading Business Opportunity.

These are screen images taken from the back office. This first one below shows some Trade Alerts they propose. You can see a running score card in the top left corner.  428 winning trading and 210 losing trades. I would say these are pretty good numbers.

Tradera Forex Trade Alerts

This next one shows some of the various Tradera Forex training education, modules. I find the trading platforms and Computer trading platforms are especially interesting .

Tradera Forex Education Modules

This next one shows recordings of the live trading sessions – Tradera does a live trading session every Sunday through Thursday at 8 PM EST.

Tradera Forex Live Trading recordings

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Making Money with Tradera Forex Home Business

There are many different home business companies and opportunities available today. Obviously some way better than others.

Tradera Forex header

So why should you consider Tradera and us?

I know of one company that pays you 25% on sales – So go out and sell $2000 in product each month. (10 Customers buying $200 each or 20 Customer buying $100 each month and earn $500 a month)

Or you could join my team with Tradera and enroll 3 people at $99 each and with a group of only 10 people earn $125 per week or $500 per month.  Plus once you get 3 enrollments you don’t pay $99 a month until you’re making at least $5oo per month. Or you could get 20 people to spend $100 per month each and every month.

It’s pretty obvious to me which of these is going to be easier to do.

And because there is no incentive to enroll over 3 people there is an incentive to give away enrollments of people you most likely won’t need to enroll 3 people yourself.

And because I’ve been the top enroller in 4 different companies previously enrolling in the thousands of people over the years you potentially stand to benefit in a big way from my efforts plus those of my enroller who has been a top performer in 5 or 6 companies previously over many years. He’s been very successful in most everything he’s done in this industry.

One thing I will do redirect this website to people’s Tradera pages so they benefit from people enrolling through this website.

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A Case for Automatic Lead Tools ALT Home Business and More

This is about Automatic Lead Tools or ALT and building the best home business possible.

If you are seeing this now and you want a successful home business you are in luck.

I’m going to reveal to you a technique and plan that can create unprecedented success for you.

Ask yourself this question – if you’ve tried a home business before and didn’t have all the success you desired why was that?

Do you know what the number 1 reason people give for why their home business didn’t work?

They ran out of leads and prospects. Actually when pressed almost all of the people in this group admitted there were people they hadn’t contacted usually because they rationalized that the person wouldn’t be interested.

However, in many cases there were people they hadn’t contacted because they were concerned about what that person would think. Another name insiders use for this is the chicken list.
Automatic Lead Tools ALT Home Business
Do you know what the number 2 reason people list for why their home business isn’t working like they would like it to?

Lack of support – they felt they were too much on their own. And in many cases people are too much on their own as their support personal aren’t knowledgeable on how to help.

Here are other reasons attributed for lack of success.

Lack of good followup – many times a person won’t become a member until after being contacted 3 – 4 times anyway, often even more. More times than the average networker ever contacts a prospect.

Lack of a viable system – the prospect doesn’t join because they don’t see a viable system they can duplicate that can provide them success.

So my question for you the listener- Would you be interested in a home business with a hot product selling like crazy that solved all of these issues?

In our system because of the internet we have access to virtually endless numbers of leads and prospects. So check- we solve the not enough prospects problem.

Plus we go beyond that we have the technology to contact all our prospects for you including all of your chicken list people. No more you having to call your prospects.

Plus we do it for your people too, think of the long term effect this will have on your business as many thousands of additional people are contacted because of this.

Next question for you –if you’ve been in a home business previously have you ever felt like you like you were too much on your own with not enough support?

No longer will that be true with our system. Not only do we initiate contacts for you, but we also work diligently on your behalf to get your people enrolled.

Big problem number 2 solved – check.

Question – how many of you who’ve been involved in a home business before would admit they haven’t always followed up with people like they should have?

Don’t be afraid to raise your hand here – you’re only in the 99% percentile who don’t spend enough effort on following up with people.

Well guess what –we basically solve that problem for you – our technology makes it very easy and effective to followup with people. We can easily followup 4-5 or more times with someone.
Follow-up issues solved.

Lastly – do we have a viable system?

More than viable I believe we have without a doubt the best most lucrative system of anything out there. Not only do we have the best tools and system to find and get people enrolled.

However, it doesn’t stop there – from the moment someone enrolls we are working to duplicate these efforts under the new person. Jump starting their business.

Oh by they way I almost forgot to mention – we have one of the hottest if not the hottest products in the marketplace to build with.

Please contact if you’re interested in putting these tools to work for you in a big way.

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