AmpLIFEi HapiTides THE POWER OF NUCLEOTIDES amplify your gut health

The Following is from Dr. Michael Epitropoulos
Over 20 years of thousands of Scientific studies, University trials and field research have concluded the use of Nucleotide Supplementation provides the following benefits:
1. Increased resistance to bacterial and viral infections
2. Acceleration of antibody production
3. Increase in the number of neutrophils
4. Increase in the number of macrophage
6. Increase in natural killer cell (NK) activity and interleukin-2 production
7. Modulation of T-cell responses toward type 1 CD4 helper lymphocytes and TH1 cells
8. Increase in plasma HDL cholesterol
9. Decrease in concentration of LDL cholesterol
10. Accelerated recovery from injury and improved endurance and athletic performance
11. Reduction in inflammatory markers
12. Improvement of Gut Health by:
a.) Converting bad bacteria to good bacteria thus increasing number of both prebiotic and probiotic bacteria
b.) Increasing mucosal thickness and protein levels necessary to repairing LEAKY GUT
c.) Intestinal repair after diarrhea
d.) Healing and repairing Gut villi
e.) Stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting pathogens
13. Positive effects on recovery from Stress by reducing excess Cortisol production
14. Heals tissue damage from radiation exposure
15. Stabilizes blood sugar
16. Accelerates healing from disease and illness
17. Anti-tumor effects
18. Administering Nucleotides may also enhance the effectiveness of cancer therapeutic agents
19. Tissue regeneration
20. Wound healing
21. Infants fed with Nucleotide enhanced formula have a much healthier profile of intestinal bacteria
22. Increase in muscle mass in those supplementing with Nucleotides


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