AmpLifei HapiNss HapiTides Citrus Nucleotide Fiber Drink Dosage Information

This is information from Dr. Michael Epitropoulos on what dosages to take of the HapiTides Nucleotides based on various issues.

I am posting the overview of dosing with HapiTides that I covered on Doc Talk this past Wednesday December 2nd.
AMPLifei HapiNSS HapiTides Nucleotides Fiber
PHASE I-Health maintenance. No particular health problems. 1 scoop twice per day for 30 days to detoxify the body and activate the increase of nucleotides. After 30 days you can use 1 scoop/day.

PHASE II-You have low energy, some pain. Minimal health challenges. 1 scoop twice per day for 60 days then 1 scoop per day by 3rd month.

PHASE III-You are receiving medical treatment for any type of degenerative condition like blood pressure problems, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, thyroid, gastrointestinal issues, auto-immune disease, etc. 1 scoop 3 times/day for 60 days, 2 scoops for 3rd month and then 1-2 scoops per day thereafter.

PHASE IV-Cancer- 1 scoop 4 times per day for 60 days, 1 scoop 3 times per day for 3rd month then 1 scoop twice per day at the 4th month and each day thereafter.

Please remember that my recommendations are based on 16 years of using Nucleotide therapy for thousands of patients with every imaginable health challenge.

This information is not intended for you to tell others they are using HapiTides to treat particular conditions.

HapiTides are being used to make the body an unfavorable host to health challenges by activating the body’s ability to heal.

You have something very significant with our products to share with the world! Be a candle that lights many candles!!

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Legal Disclaimer: In compliance with the FDA/FTC regulations of the supplement industry, our products have not been evaluated or approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are prohibited from speaking directly about specific disease conditions. Due to the extremely high volume of inquiries from our customers, it is not possible for our doctors to respond to individual health inquiries. We recommend that you refer to your healthcare provider to discuss your specific health concerns and the role of Our products in your health. HAPInss Brands uses the highest quality ingredients in our product formulations.

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