AmpLIFEi HempliPET is Full Spectrum Endocannabinoid Nutrition (ECN) for Pets

AmpLIFEi HempliPET is A Micro-Encapsulated, Water Dispersible, Bioavailable, natural complex.
AmpLIFEi HempliPET Full Spectrum Endocannabinoid

AmpLIFEi HempliPET is Full Spectrum Endocannabinoid Nutrition (ECN) for Pets
Each 2ml serving provides 20mg active ECN plus naturally occurring terpenes and cofactors essential to health.*

  • Helps maintain optimal health
  • Supports skin health
  • Helps maintain physical and mental well-being
  • Promotes a sense of relaxation

AmpLIFEi HempliPET Product Facts
Shake well before use.
Refrigerate after opening

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AmpLifei Biome IX Gut Health Product New Videos and Triad Pak

This new Biome IX Gut Health Product and Triad Pack is pretty amazing.

Biome IX is the first product of its kind that hacks your system to get gut healing SCFAs into your GI tract for an amplified sense of wellbeing.

The secret ingredient is Tributyrin.

Tributyrin is three butyrate molecules attached to a glycerol molecule, and that glycerol backbone allows the butyrate to get to the colon where it is needed.

Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) produced in the colon from undigested portions of vegetables (aka fiber). SCFAs, including butyrate, are produced by friendly gut bacteria and are the main source of energy for the cells lining your colon.

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HapiNss Amped Up Coffee Video and Reviews from Happiness Brand

From Zero To Amped Up In Minutes!
Hapinss Amped Up Coffee with 2amino5 from Happiness Brand

Watch the AmpLifei AMPed Up Coffee Video Below:

Our trademarked 2amino5™ is part of a proprietary coffee blend that consists of 2 aminos and a stack of 5 unique extracts which we call hapitropics™.

This instant coffee is sure to help amplify your mood, aid in stress reduction, and help increase memory and focus, all while supporting your digestive system.

Caution: May stimulate libido!*

Always Healthy!
Always Helpful!
Always Happy

It quite simply is going to Amp You Up!

Check out these peoples Excited Testimonials

3 months on the products and I’ve never felt better. The coffee has now given me an AMAZING appetite suppression so I’m really not hungry until noon. I do try to be mindful of my carbs and sugars, but definitely still have cheat meals. I workout 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
I have been on antibiotics a lot and just hate them-they totally tear my stomach up and always give me a yeast infection from clearing out all the good bacteria in my body. The use of these products has really helped – my results
*20 pounds lost
*fit into clothes and sizes I’ve never worn
*amazing energy
*mood is so much better
*hair growing like crazy
*amazing focus and ability to get stuff done

Amanda Bradley

Oh my gosh y’all I’m down 10 pounds! Started the Amped original coffee about two weeks ago. It’s helping me stick to the low carb eating plan I’ve been TRYING to do for months! I’m so excited! Hence the happy face. Lol.

Courtney Miller Jenckes

The Amp coffee has certainly decreased my appetite and my sugar cravings and the energy is like no other, puts all those toxic energy drinks to shame. Congrats on your weight loss and your renewed hapinss!! Carmen Reichard

The Amped Coffee is a coffee beverage that is a brain stimulator, improves alpha brain wave function, improves focus/concentration, thermogenic, fat burner, appetite suppressor, stinger brain stimulator, energy producer, blood flow stimulator, and increases libido!

Babette Gilbert-Teno

Added Amped coffee and continued above regimen
20 pounds and so many inches lost! Never hungry, awesome sleep, bloating and inflammation gone, feels 10 years younger, full of energy and feeling great!
Jody N Pete

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Hapinss Gut Health Triad Bundle Amped Coffee and HapiCaps Review

Hapinss Happiness Brands AmpLIFEi logo

The next great movement in gut health is POSTBIOTIC. Pre and pro biotic is yesterday’s news. Today it’s about postbiotics, the next generation of microbiome health.

Health, Wellness & Happiness Lives In The Gut

  • 95% of your serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced and lives in your microbiome.
  • Stress, diet and any number of external elements are effecting your health and wellness.
  • Your gut health is a direct result of the elements, which in turn affects your state of well-being. Poor gut health can lead to headaches, bloating, brain fog, and inflammation.
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome is real and impacts millions of people. When you have a leaky gut, the toxins and bad bacteria are literally leaking into your bloodstream, leading to poor overall health and well-being. In many cases, leaky gut may have been going on for years or even decades on the inside of one’s GI tract.
  • The good news is, you can potentially start healing from the inside out.

Check out this one woman’s results with the Triad Gut Health bundle and we have many other results like this.

These are my results after using the Triad Gut Health bundle for 1 week. My HapiTides haven’t arrived yet so I’ve been taking 1 capsule of the Biome iX in the morning with breakfast and evening with dinner. I also take 1 HapiCaps around noon every day. The extra energy this has given me is off the charts. They have also helped to cut my appetite so I am not overeating. I haven’t started working out yet but intend on it soon. I have tried to cut some carbs and sugar from my diet this week as well. I’m so thankful to have found these products.

Crystal Eanes Mosier

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Hapinss Biome iX ADK with Tributyrin for Gut Health from Happiness Brand

The Core to Happiness is Healthiness in the Gut.

The future of brain health is happening now.

People dealing with “UNhappiness” issues are now finding success with better nutrition and gut health.
HappiNss Biome iX for Brain and Gut Health
Stress, diet and any number of external elements are affecting your health and wellness.
Your gut health is a direct result of the elements which in turn affects your state of wellbeing.
HapiNss Biome iX Table of Disease

Leaky Gut Syndrome
Inside our bellies, we have an extensive intestinal lining covering more than 4,000 square feet of surface area. When working properly, it forms a tight barrier that controls what gets absorbed into the bloodstream. An unhealthy gut lining may have large cracks or holes, allowing partially digested food, toxins, and bugs to penetrate the tissues beneath it. This may trigger inflammation and changes in the gut flora (normal bacteria) that could lead to problems within the digestive tract and beyond.

Symptoms of Leaky Gut:
Brain Fog
Memory Loss
Joint Pain
Sugar Craving
Skin Rashes
Poor Immunity
Low Serotonin
HapiNss Biome iX Leaky Gut
How to improve your gut Health – Fiber

If FIBER is what produces SCFAs, which in turn promotes a healthy gut…why don’t we just buy a bunch of fiber supplements?

• Eating fruits and vegetables is preferable.

• Fiber can lead to bloating.

• Fiber sensitivities could arise.

No one eats the proper foods to get the proper the FIBER.
HapiNss Biome iX How to Improve your Gut Health

Reboot Gut Healing

There is another way – we call if hacking your system by getting those short chain fatty acids directly into your GI tract.

It’s called Biome iX which features patent pending ingredients and proprietary technology.

Biome iX is the world’s first palatable and bio available butyrate derivative.
HapiNss  Biome iX world's first palatable bio available butyrate derivative

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