Instructions on Setting Up Your Forsage Etherium Account

When you are ready to enroll here is how to set up your account with Forsage
YOU WILL NEED YOUR UPLINES Affiliate LINK and their ID# in order to proceed with setting up your Forsage account.

If you have a Go! Wallet click on your Go! Wallet Icon on your iPhone go to
the Go! icon bottom left of your phone click on it, scroll to the very top of your phone
Paste in the Browser: Paste the copied- Affiliate Link- of your SPONSOR in the Search Bar hit GO! Or Search

If you have to type in the link double check it to make sure it is your Sponsor’s correct Link!!
NOTE: How to get the correct SPONSOR’S Affiliate Link-go to the internet, type in  Note: Do not do a search for this link in Google instead type this link where normally would be.

When the Forsage website pops up you will see green button with AUTHORIZATION below

AUTHORIZATION -Type in SPONSOR’S ID# where cursor is blinking: Click VIEWING this takes you to the Sponsor’s back office.

Scroll down on left side until you see -AFFILIATE LINK- (you will have to copy Sponsor’s Affiliate Link from Sponsor’s Forsage account send it to your
phone OR If you write it down:

Caution: Check it twice to be sure the Sponsors Affiliate Link address is CORRECT

a. Go to your Wallet if Go! Wallet: Click on the Go! Icon Bottom left
corner, If you have Trust wallet click on the 4 dots beside the blue shield
b. Scroll to the top of your phone “Search bar/URL, PASTE in your SPONSORS
LINK hit Go or Enter or Search
c. Click Registration
d. Click Ethereum
e. VERY IMPORTANT!! Your SPONSOR’s ID# will pop up, VERIFY that the
SPONSOR ID# make sure it is CORRECT!! If it is NOT CORRECT Go back to
your Go! Wallet go to search bar and put in your Sponsor’s correct Affliate
Link again!! You may have to Refresh your phone to clear the cookies.
Search bar or URLf. Click To Register
g. Forsage website pops up your back office it will show Box 1 [X3] and Box 1
[X4] will be a light turquoise meaning Box 1 [X3] and Box 1 [X4] were
automatically bought
h. Proceed to buy Box 2 [X3] NEXT buy Box 2 (X4) you will want to make the
shopping cart larger by spreading your fingers on screen to enlarge, this is
so you will hit just the BUY (in pink) Click Buy DO NOT hit on the whole Box
scroll back and forth, buy Box 2 in [X3] then buy Box 2 [X4] next buy Box 3 in [X3]
Example: You came in at Level 5 “BUY” ALL 5 Boxes in [X3] and ALL 5 Boxes in [X4]
WRITE DOWN YOUR ID# & Affiliate Link
When everything is all said and done and your Forsage account has been
created, make sure you ask your upline to add you to the FAST & FURIOUS
Crypto Group on Facebook (you must be friends on FB) Send over a picture of
yourself (can be profile pic on Facebook) and your Forsage ID # to your upline
for their records and so that you can be celebrated when you achieve success!
What is or Coinbase?
They are digital brokerages (like a store that you can buy your crypto-currency)
you use these exchanges to buy or sell cryptocurrency for
fiat (USD or local currency) like Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency.
Coinbase can be used on PC, Android or (you can only use Android or iPhone) Actually you can use on your PC if you use a extension on Chrome.
We are here to help you in any way!
Teamwork Makes the “Forsage” Dream Work!!

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