Forsage Ethereum ETH Why Crypto Currency….

Why Crypto Currency….

Forsage  ETH Why Crypto Currency

* Right now 30 to 50 million people own crypto. That’s 0.06% of the world’s population.

* The U.S. banking system alone touches the lives of over 300 million Americans. And it holds north of $20 trillion in assets. If bank customers allocate just 1% of their accounts to bitcoin… bitcoin’s market cap would double.

* According to a report by Coldwell Banks Global Luxury, millions are set to inherit as much as $68 trillion over the next decade.

* It is the largest transfer of wealth in history.

* If just 10% of the 68 trillion they are set to inherit goes into crypto (close to 7 trillion dollars) – the entire crypto market could go up 25x

* Right now the entire crypto market cap is around just 350 billion. When hundreds of millions of people get easy access to crypto, you will see the entire space just explode in value.

* Last month the Office of the Comptrollers of the Currency (OCC) issued guides
that banks can store and work with crypto currency.

* We believe crypto adoption will be as widespread as internet adoptions –
maybe even more so.

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