Tradera Forex Trading Back Office Info

I have some information posted about the Tradera Forex Trading Business Opportunity.

These are screen images taken from the back office. This first one below shows some Trade Alerts they propose. You can see a running score card in the top left corner.  428 winning trading and 210 losing trades. I would say these are pretty good numbers.

Tradera Forex Trade Alerts

This next one shows some of the various Tradera Forex training education, modules. I find the trading platforms and Computer trading platforms are especially interesting .

Tradera Forex Education Modules

This next one shows recordings of the live trading sessions – Tradera does a live trading session every Sunday through Thursday at 8 PM EST.

Tradera Forex Live Trading recordings

Plus check out my Home Business Page below for more on how I can help you build something successful.

Tradera Forex Home Business – Click Here!
Click Here to signup and Join Our Team.

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