Cool Trade Robotic Trading S/W A User Perspective

I recently met with Ed Barsano the developer of the Cool Trade S/W
over the weekend. He was in Atlanta.

First off let me say this – I don’t offer financial advice. I’m not a broker or financial adviser.
Cool Trade Robotic Stock S//W
I’m just sharing with you my experiences with using the S/W for several years now.

I was recently talking to someone interested in purchasing the S/W.

Here is what I said to him: Consider how Cool Trade actually
works. You can make it as complicated or as simple as you like – you can
program into the various strategies variables to look for like 200 day SMA, Assets greater than Liabilities, etc.

There are over 500 different variables you can have programmed into your
strategy, and then the S/W flawlessly executes them automatically. You don’t
have to buy or sell – it does that for you.

Also note – the S/W comes with a number of pre-programmed strategies designed to take advantage of many of these numerous variables. Or you can modify the strategy for yourself.

Now, however, I’ll let you in on a little secret, here’s what Ed has done for years.
He basically just picks stocks of companies that are credible, (aren’t going to go
out of business anytime soon) and he just rakes in the profits.

A person could be as aggressive or as conservative as they want to be here,
however look at any stock over the last year or so – they move up and they move

Here’s a couple of things to understand about the Stock Market. About
75- 80% of all trades and activity everyday is institutional trading by the big banks and other firms.
They make their money on trading by getting the price of a stock to move up and down. They don’t make money if the stock is stagnant and doesn’t move. (Or at least not in the amounts they desire)

They have their trading S/W ready to rake in the profits.

It works something like this – a company announces a lower than expected profits for a quarter. This causes a sell off on the stock, which causes the price to drop, causing people to sell off their stock. Now the institution comes in and buys that stock at a big discount. When people see the institutions buying the stock
they may jump in – in effect biding the stock back up higher. At which time
their software sells it and the pocket the profits. Then the process is repeated
over and over.

The Cool Trade S/W allows you to play on a level playing field with the big boys.

Cool Trade is essentially doing the same thing as these big institutions do with their software. The only real difference is they are able to effect the market because they can move such large quantities of shares.

However, because Cool Trade buys and sells in stealth mode no traders can see what you are trying to buy and sell. You simply capitalize on the ups and downs of the market.

What most people do is bail on a stock way to soon – it goes down at first – so they sell and take a loss.
With Cool Trade it is programmed to buy more after it goes down a certain amount.
Eventually a stock will reach a settling point even if it’s down from where you originally purchased it. Now it will fluctuate up and down with Cool Trade automatically selling it when it goes up and buying when it falls back down again.

Ed Barsano has used this technique to do very well over the last 10 years or so.

And there are strategies for investing as little as $5000 on up.
Plus you can be as conservative or as risky as you want to be in terms of how
much fluctuation you want to see in a particular stock(s).

The bottom line is this – buy and hold and mutual funds can’t begin to compare with this S/W.

Go to the following page one there click on the Features option under the CoolTrade menu at the top of the page. Then enter any stock you like in The How Did Your Stock Do?
Table on the right side.
Here is a video and webpage I did that details how this S/W works.

Interesting Buy and Hold Versus Cool Trade results image.
Buy and Hold Strategy Vs Cool Trade S/W

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