I want to help You Become a Recruiting Machine!

My name is Jim -those are pictures of me above. I have purposely x-outed by name as I want to help you recruit. I don't want your people to see my name and signup using my name instead of yours.

So what is this big $3,000 check all about. First in the one picture is myself between Steve and Stewart Finger, the co- founders of CTFO. Stewart is the younger looking guy.

Anyway CTFO had a contest between June 1st to July 31st. The top 10 people who brought in the most number of people with an active order (Over $49.97) would win the top 10 prizes in order of the number of new people they brought in.

Anyway out of over a quarter million associates in 8 countries I won the first prize of $3,000. And I did this all from home. Because it is free to signup I am sure there are people who brought in more people than me who didn't place an order. This is sad as those who don't order can't experience just how good and beneficial these CBD products are for them. Not everyone I brought in placed an order, although some ordered after the July 31st deadline.

We want people who order (quality over quantity). (What I have found over 23 years is that those who are hesititant to order are selling themselves way short. Fear always limits success.) The overwhelming number of the 58 active people I brought in ordered well over $49.97.

Anyway the purpose of this is to prove to you I do have a system that works and I want to help you to use my system to recruit like a pro.

My system basically targets certain types of prospects that are likely to be interested in our products and opportunity. I have some very specialized software that allows me to find virtually an unlimited supply of these prospects. I can then feed these prospects to our team with specialized instructions on how to contact them through the internet.

What we have found is that if someone is much more interested in our business opportunity if we can provide them virtually unlimited internet prospects.

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