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Before You Think You Can't Do This Consider the Following

Here's the biggest thing you should consider when thinking about doing this. Can I find 3 people interested.

Now if you had to depend on people you already know I would not encourage you to do this. However, through our internet expertise we have the ability to contact small business people and others potentially interested by the tens of thousands.

And when you consider all the small business owners who have had to close down right now (they are hurting). And all the people they have had to lay off. And all the people out of work right now.

We know how to find these people and get in contact with them. And we have the pre-written messages, scripts and more.

We make it easy for you to be successful at this.

If you If you are looking at this you How much an hour can you potentially make?

First think how much an hour would you be Happy with $25 an hour? $20 an hour? $17 an hour?

With my prospect finding system you can find and contact conservatively 7- 10 people per hour. Done right, conservatively if you contact 100 people you should find at least 3 people interested in this program.

We spend another 5- 10 hours (at most) showing these people what you did if two of the three duplicate your efforts You're now earning $125 a week or $500 per month.

You've spent at most 24 hours for which you've made $500 or about $20.83 per hour.

You spend another 24 hours to help these people duplicate your efforts now you're making another $250 per week or $1000 for the month. So now you've spent about 50 hours and you've made $500 + $1000 = $1500 or $30 per hour.

Now let's spend another 25- 50 hours over the next 1- 2 months to help these people duplicate your efforts now you're making another $500 per week or $2000 for the month. So now you've spent about 100 hours at most and you've made $500 + $1000 + $2000 = $3500 or $35 per hour.

You could work this for another month or two (another 50 hours) helping these people recruit plus also helping recruit for them. Now you've spend 100 plus another 50 to 100 hours at most = 200 hours to help these people duplicate your efforts now you're making another $1250 per week or $5000 for the month. $3500 + $5000 = $8500 / 200 hours = $42.50 per hour.

Your next level would be $2500 per week or $10,000 per month - a 6 figure income. Let's say now you keep on working 25- 30 hours a month recruiting and helping people, but you never grow beyond the $1250 per week. This would be $65,000 per year. Would you continue to work 30 hours a month? - this would work out to $180 per hour $65000 / 360 = $180 per hour - my guess is you would probably be willing to work 4 times as hard (120 hours a month) to earn $45 an hour.

Actually you can even earn a lot more as much as $25,000 per week. You could earn more or less than these number depending on your efforts.

The big thing to keep in mind here is we can show you how to effectively do what I have done for almost 25 years now. The ability to put my message in front of 1000's and even in the 100's of thousands of people. The one thing I know if you can get your message in front of enough people you can sell virtually anything, you can make virtually everything work. Especially right now when so many people are out of work and are looking for supplemental income, especially working from home.

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