Top Reasons Why You Should Consider CoinXL as an Affiliate – Home Business

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Here are the Top Nine Reasons to Select CoinXL as a Home Business.
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1. First your Bitcoin BTC product makes 1% per day regardless – is there another affiliate -home business that does this?

2. What happens in a traditional affiliate home business if you  you don’t talk to anyone, communicate with anyone, and don’t advertise? Well there is a very strong possibility at the end of 90 days you didn’t make anything. Well in this program you would have made 90% of your original package in BTC..

3. What happens in a traditional affiliate home business when you work hard to signup a new person and get them to order? Yeah you made money awesome. However, in the majority of cases they may stop ordering on a regular basis or they may never order again. Boo – not so good.

Well let’s look at CoinXL – after 150 days (or sooner) when your new signups original BTC package has expired they’re required to make another bitcoin purchase equal to their original one or they lose anyone underneath them in the binary matrix. So think about this who is not going to repurchase after 150 days (or sooner) after they’ve seen their BTC grow so you benefit from built in reorders. I’ll explain more on this below.

4. In this program everyone is placed in a binary matrix – so based on the people you refer and people that fall underneath you in the matrix you could further greatly increase your bitcoin value.

5. How hard is it to recruit a person in a traditional home business? Well how much easier is it to recruit a person when they know they can make money even if they don’t recruit anyone?

6. There is no monthly fee or purchase requirement like virtually all other programs. The only repurchase requirement? See item 3 above.

7. You’re involved with a product with huge upside – Heck if you’d purchased as little as $10 in BTC in July 2010 it would be worth over $2,476,000 dollars today.

And it’s poised to go much higher in value. Some experts predict it could go over $10,000 per BTC and even as high as $1,000,000

8. Reason 8 is the duplication factor. In a traditional affiliate network marketing business the goal is to get duplication, however, because of a number of various factors duplication only occurs in a small percentage of people. Well we’re already seeing something much different here. I’ve seen in a traditional affiliate home business typically only 5 – 10% even refer one person. I anticipate over time we will see upwards of 80% of people referring at least a couple people.

9. Reason 9 I call the upgrade factor – with the traditional affiliate network marketing business, not all but most people are oriented toward how little can they spend each month and earn commissions. However, what we’re seeing early on is that most people are upgrading and spending more because their bitcoin value grows faster, which tends to make you more money in bitcoins.

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To Reserve your Spot and Benefit from our extensive Marketing Efforts

Click Here to Get registered in a prime position prior to launch.

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